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Streamline processes and increase board effectiveness

NXTBoard provides boards with a simple, clearly organized platform to establish board processes to move meetings quickly and monitor progress effectively.

  • Run more effective meetings by making agendas, reports and board packets easy to access and consume ahead of time.
  • Remove the silos of multiple systems for tracking board meetings, events, tasks and activity so your board members can get a single, centralized view of where they need to be and what they need to do.
  • Make it easy for your board to collaborate and share updates in between board meetings without relying on multiple channels of communication.

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Whether your organization is a nonprofit, government body, large corporation or startup, the board faces similar challenges when it comes to making meetings matter.

As a self-confessed governance geek, I have served on multiple boards and seen first-hand the difference between boards that practice ‘Good Governance’ and those that don’t.

Launching a product is always an honor. Launching one that will directly impact the education of students, the missions of nonprofits, and the attainment of enterprise is exhilarating!


Make board management simple

Streamline processes and increase board effectiveness
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