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Board transformation engagement

NXTBoard’s Board Transformation Engagement can help shift the mindset of the board from management to governance, uncover the requirements of stakeholders so that the right outcomes and goals are set, and support the monitoring and evaluation of those goals.

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Our board transformation engagement is a year-long program that comprises a series of five workshops. It is designed to help boards:

  • Increase their knowledge, skills and mindset about their roles and responsibilities.
  • Learn why and how to implement and use an accountability framework.
  • Learn how to set the right goals and monitor progress for success.
  • Understand what the best tools are to support “good governance.”
  • Be able to manage conflict through better collaboration.


Board accountability

This two-day workshop focuses on shifting the mindset of the board from one of management to one of governance so that boards can focus intensely on the reason they exist—driving outcomes.

Who should attend?Board members, CEO

How long does it take?2 days, in person

Stakeholder engagement

This workshop brings together the organization’s key stakeholders so that the board can ensure their vision, mission and objectives are fully aligned with the values, needs and requirements of the audience they are accountable to.

Who should attend?None. This session is facilitated by NXTBoard to encourage open feedback from the community.

How long does it take?1/2 day

Outcome & goal setting

In this session, we work with the board to implement an accountability framework aligned to the board’s vision, mission and objectives, which include setting outcomes and the goals to achieve those outcomes.

Who should attend?Board members, CEO

How long does it take?1/2 day–1 day, in person

Goal progress benchmarks

This workshop is run with the executive team so that they are aligned with the outcomes and goals set by the board and can set the appropriate benchmarks to measure progress.

Who should attend?CEO, executive team

How long does it take?2 hours, in person

Progress monitoring

These quarterly progress monitoring workshops will support the board in monitoring the outcomes and goals and by providing recommendations for adjustment as needed.

Who should attend?Board members, CEO

How long does it take?1 hour per quarter, via video conference


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